Introduction to server management with provisioning tool fairy support run
Sample introduction(user)


Please download a sample from here
There are only simple things that don't need any explanation, but Some will be introduced
Go to the vagrant folder in the downloaded sample and enter vagrant up to start the virtual environment

Add user

Create a new user called newuser

fairysupport_run.bat useradd newuser
./ useradd newuser

New password: is displayed. Enter the newuser password
User addition is complete

Public key settings

Please prepare a private key public key pair (Here, the method for creating the private key public key is omitted)
Create a folder called pubkey in the sshkey folder
Put newuser's public key in pubkey folder
Set the public key file name to newuser (the public key file name is the user name)

folder tree
     |-- fairysupport_run
     |   |-- common
     |   |   `--
     |   |-- sshkey
     |   |   |-- pubkey
     |   |   |   `-- newuser
     |   |   |-- include.txt
     |   |   `--
     |   |-- com_fairysupport_run.jar
     |   |-- env.txt
     |   `--
     |-- vagrant
     |   `-- Vagrantfile

Let's run

fairysupport_run.bat sshkey
./ sshkey

The file in pubkey will be .ssh/authorized_keys under each user's home directory, and you can access with public key authentication

Add a user to a group

Add the newly created newuser to the wheel group

fairysupport_run.bat gpasswd newuser wheel
./ gpasswd newuser whee

newuser has been added to the wheel group

On the next page, we will introduce the example of web application environment construction using sample

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