JavaScript Framework fairy support js

Try fairy support js

Let's actually execute it and try it

Install fairy support js

Download the zip file from here, put it in a suitable folder, and unzip it.
Move to the directory containing package.json in the unzipped directory using command line.

npm install

(Please make npm available in advance)

Start up

At the command line

npm run watch_local

Since it is a watch, the command will remain executed.

From another window on the command line.

npm run server

The local server will start and you will see a screen with only the sample button in your browser.
If you click the sample button, Hello fairy support is output. it is successful.
To stop it, enter Ctrl + C in both the npm run watch_local window and the npm run server window.

That's all for the installation
On the next page, we will introduce the basic usage.

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